Disaster in uttarakhand 2013 essay writer

These projects would modify the key tributaries through diversions to tunnels or reservoirs.

Uttarakhand floods 2013: What led to Kedarnath disaster

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On June 16 and 17, a few kilometres from the Jaypee hydro power project in Joshimath, the area was completely ravaged in the disaster. We can take this legend as a symbolic explanation of the role played by the matted roots of Himalayan forests in protecting the entire ecosystem, not only of the Himalayan mountain system but also of the Gangetic Plain.

Development in hilly areas and along rivers, growth of illicit tourism, lack of an early warning system, ineffective evacuation plans, ineffective disaster management techniques, large scale deforestation, indiscriminate construction of hydroelectric dams and global warming are the main causes of the floods.

That means that it is possible to plan structures on rivers which harness the water for hydro electricity, without damaging the environment or disturbing the ecological balance. Demand for energy and needs of ever increasing population have forced the human to exploit natural resources without considering its impact over the environment.

The Ravi Chopra committee, appointed on Supreme Court orders, also clearly stated that the Srinagar project was responsible for the devastation seen downstream. These reservoirs emit methane gas which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and is also used in boosting the turbines of the dams.

Roman Saini handles the launch to Disaster-Management, meanings of Disaster-Management, forms of disasters, upsurge in the amount of natural disasters and its own impact on the environment, key disasters in Asia, weakness account of India etc.

The latent energy of water is greater than the sum total of all nuclear energy. As pilgrimage increased, the remote region began to be connected by designated foot paths along which the pilgrims trekked. The Himalaya is one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world, being fold mountains formed by plate movement.

Uttarakhand floods 2013: What led to Kedarnath disaster

As a result, one of the walls of the barrage gave way. When media teams arrived at the spot, the locals vent their anger against the staff and authorities of these hydro projects.

The barrage is equipped with an automatic hydraulic system to regulate the volume of water and to ensure that the gates open automatically when the level exceeds a certain point. This reservoir proved to be very dangerous for villages in its vicinity. A few kilometres away, two small towns, Pandukeshwar and Govindghat, saw maximum damage.

Uttarakhand region witnessed such heavy rainfalls as the records show that Uttarakhand has recorded single-day rainfall in excess of mm several times, including mm in and mm in These high mountainous regions are very remote and overlooked as they are by the Tibetan Plateau, they are almost impossible to access from the Indian side, but not so for China through Tibet, where the going is easier because of the Tibetan Plateau.

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Cloudburst witnessed in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on Sunday morning caused severe destruction in the region.A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth.

I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by. Uttarakhand Disaster In Junea multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the.

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North Indian Flood Location India China Japan North Korea South Korea Far Western Region Mid Western Region Deaths Property damage 4, villages were affected In Junea multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state Uttarakhand, caused devastating floods and landslides, creating the country's most Property damage: 4, villages were affected.

June has been a month of catastrophe, trials and suffering in the Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand. This is the region known as Devbhoomi, or the abode of .

Disaster in uttarakhand 2013 essay writer
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